WordPress backups; do I need them?

Creating daily backups for WordPress websites is essential for several reasons.

Creating daily backups for WordPress websites is necessary for a few reasons. Website backups provide a safeguard against data loss due to malicious attacks, hardware failure, or software issues. They also ensure that your website can be swiftly restored to its prior state in the event of a disaster. Additionally, WordPress backups help protect against data corruption caused by hackers or other malicious actors. Furthermore, it allows for easy rollback to a previous version of your website if necessary. By performing daily backups, you can ensure that your website is always secure and up-to-date.

What can happen if you don't do daily backups?

If you don't do daily backups, you risk losing important data and information. If a server crashes or a malicious attack occurs, you may be unable to recover any data that was not backed up. Additionally, you may be unable to access data that was backed up if the backup files become corrupted. In some cases, not having a backup could also mean losing irreplaceable data and files.